Excellent you have actually made it this far, so let’s get started and explain what we do and why choose us!

Our enthusiasm and goals are straightforward. We provide the absolute best aesthetics training academy, delivering high standards of practice including theory for your best knowledge in the field at fair prices.

We offer training to both non-medics and medics in our remarkable academy in the heart of London. Our medical practitioners and advanced aesthetics practitioners are fervent about their training, their students, and the start up business ideas that will help you to build your very OWN business. Yes that’s right! We understand how daunting and hard it can be going out on your own with no guidance and support. Don’t worry we are always here even after you have completed the course with us we will still provide ongoing support.

Why? Because we believe in you

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  • Beginner

    You have no previous
    aesthetic experience; you are a non-medic, and you are looking to start your
    career? This is where you start right now.

  • Advanced

    You have experience in the
    industry and are competent with the basic injection techniques looking to enhance your skills

  • Expert

    You have been practicing at
    an advanced level on a regular basis for some time and feel established as an aesthetic

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